Saturday, September 20, 2008

Deregistered from Surgery

My daughter was suffering from an allergy and I called up our Surgery (they call the clinic a surgery here in the UK though I have no Idea why as no surgeries are carried out at all). Imagine my shock when the lady on the line told me that we had been de-registered from the surgery and that our records had been sent to the Coventry Teaching Primary Care Trust.

For a few moments I didn't even know what to say - I was totally speechless. After the initial shock, the anger came. No! I had not joined another surgery nor had I moved my home address. The lady told me that there was nothing she could do and I should talk to the manager next day.

Called up in the morning and had a chat with the manager and she told me that we would have to register again by filling out some forms. She was really helpful and told us that I could still bring my daughter to see the doctor. She told me that I am quite lucky I found out about this by chance. Our names were still in their computer even though we had been deregistered.

I had emailed the Coventry PCT the night before and I received an email reply from them. They found out that our records had been recalled by the Coventry PCT because we had not replied to an immigration check which had required a response. Not responding to the letter results in an auto recall of the medical records from the surgery. I can't recall receiving any letter from the Coventry PCT.

Took my daughter to the surgery today after school and filled up the forms. The doctor saw her and prescribed a cream. Hopefully our names and our records will be back in the surgery soon.

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