Saturday, September 13, 2008

ah ok lah not on MSN search

Quite disappointed with MSN's Live Search. Searched for the keywords "ah ok lah" (the name of my blog) there and my blog was nowhere on the first page nor on the second page either. This is strange considering that it is the first result on Google and Yahoo for the key words.

Going through the MSN Live search results, I discovered that the #1 spot has been taken by owned by someone in Singapore. However, #4 is a widget linked to my site provided by Netvibes. #6 links to my MyBlogLog page.

This might indicate that MSN search gives preference to top-level domain names, viz., .com, .net, .org, etc..


complains said...

oh feeling sorry for that. but i was not aware about that factor that MSN search gives preference to top-level domain names.

cc said...

Oh really? I just did a search and your blog came out #1 and the .com #2. I think it's working ok now.

Used Textbooks , said...

Yeah , I have tried msn search for the most common things , but the live search doesn't prove to be promising at all . I don't what is their criteria but it is something really bad and in the long run msn is going to suffer hard which it is already doing by the way.


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