Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trip to La Rochelle 3

Here are some more pictures of our trip to La Rochelle. Most of them were taken using my 3 Skypephone and the quality is not that good.

On the Bus de mer again.
This time in the evening on the way to the old port.


Boats docked at Les Minimes

At the Aquarium.
They have an amazing collection but didn't really enjoy the visit there as there were too many people. The queues stretched nearly 100 metres from the entrance. Fortunately we had already bought the tickets from the tourist information centre. Saw some really strange fishes.

Aquarium, La Rochelle 1



My daughter



Starfish sticking to the glass wall

A strange yellow fish

Horseshoe crab

Aquarium, La Rochelle 2
|A fish with a horn

Plage des Minimes.
The beach just a short walk away.



You can see "the lighthouse at the end of the world" (Le Phare du bout du monde) in the distance.


Place de Verdun
The bus stand

la _rochelle137

la _rochelle134
Big merry-go-round

la _rochelle136

Natural History Museum
Photography not allowed in here.
la _rochelle135

La Rochelle airport

The small "Aeroport"

Les Minimes Port, La Rochelle, France
Our small family - finally a picture all together.


Emila Yusof said...

great pictures!! Thanks for sharing, Adam!

lillian said...

What a cute family :-) Great picture too !

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures- can't believe you took them with your skype phone! Fred actually sailed to La Rochelle and docked exactly at one of the spots in one of your pictures. He was really happy to see that you guys finally visited France. Love to Ez, Imaan & Rahil.
Jules, Fred & Jade

Rosemary said...

wonderful pictures

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Emila, Lillian, Rosemary: Thanks for your comments.

Jules: Thanks. The pictures came out quite good. We would love to go back again, maybe to Brittany next time. So when are you planning to come here to Europe?

Anonymous said...

We are planning a long trip next April. We will be in Malaysia to celebrate Jule's birthday with Ma & Ba. Then we were thinking of coming to UK and spending a few days with you guys before heading of to France in time to celebrate Fred's B'day with his folks. We are pretty excited as we will also be going to the south of France and Venice to attend some conferences. Perhaps you guys could join us then. Will keep you posted on dates etc.

We have a question to ask you, is there a website to send books to Malaysia? I tried Amazon but they don't deliver there. Could you please email and let us know. Thanks Tamo.

Jules, Fred & Jade

Sherry said...

wow love the pics lookes like happy vacation :)


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