Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ryanair to La Rochelle - Part 2

What was really disappointing about yesterday's events was that we missed the plane by just 10 minutes. Ryanair's FAQ says:
Ryanair flights check-In closes strictly at 40 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time

Had we left immediately from Kettering using a Taxi and not waited for our landlord to pick us up, we might have been able to make it. It would have cost us much less than the £200 we had to pay for the tickets for the next flight. That is not including the cot of the hotel for the night.

We might have had we known about this. Unfortunately Ryanair doesn't provide a customer contact number and we had no chance of contacting them. Trying to search on the net using my mobile also gave me no clues. Only found out about it after going through their website today.

Thinking about this really makes me angry. There is a saying "Pay peanuts, get monekys". However, I know that is not always true and we can get greats bargains without paying an arm and a leg. Sad to say but Ryanair seems to prove the sayign right. Makes me really appreciate Air Asia's service. Whatever people say, they are way better than Ryanair.

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