Wednesday, August 20, 2008

La Rochelle 2

Continued from "La Rochelle holiday 1".

You know the saying, "if anything can go wrong, it will."

Well I knew that the electric plug sockets were different on the continent and had purchased adapters from Argos. However, when we got there found out that it simply didn't fit. On closer inspection, found out that the adaptors was for the US. I knew it was my fault for not checking them out but I am really mad at those guys in Argos who gave me the wrong plug adapters.

Searched around the city tryign to find an adaptor but none of the shops we went to had it. So my digital camera battery ran out after 3 days and we couldn't use our lap top at all. Fortunately we had our 3 Skypephones and used them to take pics for the next 3 days. We also bout two disposable cameras which I have yet to develop and print.

Anyway, here are some more pics:

The shortest and fastest way to get to the centre of the city, the "Vieux Port" (Old Harbour) from Les Minimes, (where we were staying) was via the Bus de mer (sea bus).

Bus De Mer
The Bus de mer

Bus De Mer

On the Bus De Mer

One way ticket cost us 1.75 each (children below 5 travel free). Later on we bought the Pass Rochelais (La Rochelle city pass) from the tourist office located at Quai du Gabut. It's valid for 3 days which allows for unlimited travel on the Bus de mer, the electric boat, the local bus and the yellow bicycles. It cost us 7 per person and we also bought discounted entry tickets for the Aquarium and some museums.

la _rochelle067
View from the Bus de mer. You can see the the Lantern Tower (La Lanterne) here.

la _rochelle122
The two towers at the "Vieux Port" ("Old Harbour"), La Rochelle. View from the Bus de mer.

la _rochelle107

The sea front promenade was a hive of activity every time we went. With stalls selling everything from food to art work and street performers and artists. There are a number of cafes and restaurants as well. The place actually comes alive at night.

Food stalls

This guy's really talented

I think they are musicians from South America. Picture was taken using my 3 Skypephone and is not so clear

la _rochelle074
Another view of the two towers

la _rochelle080

La Rochelle

la _rochelle084
Really pedestrian friendly

la _rochelle081
Some street performers

la _rochelle091
My daughter having her hair wrap done.

la _rochelle112
Boats for sale


scatterhaiku said...

thank you again for allowing me to vacation vicariously through your blog. :) ah, someday, someday...

Romantic Honeymoon said...

Cool.. Make me jealous.. :(


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