Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garden needs weeding

The rains have started and the weeds are coming back with a vengeance. Guess I have to get my hands really dirty when I get back:


Some of the weeds have beautiful flowers. I am not sure why but all of them in my garden seem to have pink flowers.

This is my Green Thumb Sunday post for this week.

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Rosemary said...

This part of Ontario has had lots of rain this summer and the weeds are plentiful and enormous. Never seems to end weeding.

Nancy said...

Rain? What is that? I'd love some rain...

San Diego (where it NEVER rains)

ps: Love your new ride - congrats!

karuvai said...

Yes, I agree this point. garden needs weeding

flower girl dress said...

aren't these called bachelors buttons? im not sure, but im looking for something simmiliar for my yard.

Emila Yusof said...

Weeding makes a nice picture!

Jenna said...

The weeds are actually pretty! I like those little pink flowers.

neomesuff said...

those are weeds?..woah preety weeds..;-)

Michael said...

Oh man you got your work cut out for you!! That will be next Sundays project in the mid evening with a glass of wine I suppose?

scatterhaiku said...

indeed. those are some of the loveliest weeds i've ever seen. :) or maybe my weeds are just of the ugly variety. :(

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Laura said...

This time of year the weeds sort of take over my garden, or is it that Im just to lazy to go pull them in the heat?

Happy GTS!

Michael said...

haha, weeding do make a nice picture! ;)


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