Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lighting can transform your house

A few days back, a family friend dropped by our house and we ultimately got down to talking about the house rentals and how they are going up in Coventry and I guess all over the UK for that matter even though house prices have dropped.

We then got down to talking about the condition of the houses we live in. They have just moved in to a newly refurbished house and how happy they were with the condition of the new house. The only thing they didn't like were the home lighting. Their landlord just left it up to them to fix their own. They were admiring our light fittings which we had bought from Ikea and they were surprised how cheap they were.

Talking about lighting, do check out Farreys.com, an international wholesale hardware company which is based in Florida. I was amazed at the choice of indoor and outdoor light fixtures on their site which are available in a wide range of styles. These products come from some of the top manufacturers specialised in lighting but at really low prices.

Lighting fixtures can completely transform the look and feel of each room in your house. For example, If you have a big rooms, you might consider having chandeliers fitted. Somehow, the right chandeliers of your choice ranging from contemporary to modern can give a distinct look to a room. Unfortunately, the rooms in our house are too small to pull off such a look sucessfully.


mark said...

Lighting can dramatically effect your home.... It can go from depressing and dark to light and healthy... I had to buy some fixtures for my house when I moved in too...

Bouncer said...

lightning can actually be very cruel sometimes

I remember how a house next to mine was totally destroyed last year due to this..

luckily we were spared


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