Tuesday, July 15, 2008

France trip update

In my last post "Preparing for trip to France" I had written that we were planning to drive my old Ford car to La Rochelle in France. However, the fact that I am not fully confident with my car, made us change our plans. We will now be flying to La Rochelle directly.

I would have gone ahead had it been only the two of us but we will have two small kids in tow and I simply don't want to risk it. Just imagine being stranded on a highway in France with two kids in the back seat.

Of course it's much more convenient now. We reach our destination in a few hours. However, that also means that we won't be able to take as much stuff along with us. We will be there in France for nearly two weeks and we hope to see some of the surrounding sights and we definitely would have to rent a car. It would be interesting because it would be the first time in my life to drive a left hand drive vehicle. In fact it would be my first time to drive on the wrong side of the road (the right side, according to some of you).

In the meantime I am practising some of the common French phrases. I had never known that French was so tough. The problem is that the words are pronounced totally different from how they are written. It's good that I have some French speaking friends to correct me. Hopefully the few phrases would be good enough to get by.


mark said...

"Just imagine being stranded on a highway in France with two kids in the back seat."


lol you definitely made a good call. Have fun and keep practicing that french!!

m said...

Wow sounds like a great trip, anyway we just did two weeks in the UK. With 4 kids in tow and rented an MPV we drove around Wales, Bangor and Anglesey, Bradford, York, Hull, up to Edinburgh, down to Nottingham, Bristol and to Lands End. That really is crazy but we survived that. But didn't have the time to blog much. Planned for another trip to Paris Disneyland but changed our mind as we just got not much time.


neomesuff said...

..will be waiting fot stories from france! VOTRE SANTE ;-)

Emila Yusof said...

Wow, I wish I could go to France.

"Every artist must go to France at least once" - quoting Lustig in Great Expectations.

Anyway, bon voyage en France!

Barry Wheeler said...

*SIGH* I am hoping to visit there this autumn if things go well.


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