Saturday, June 14, 2008

Neighbour's house burgled

Today evening we were sitting in the living room entertaining my wife's cousin who had just arrived from Newcastle, when there was a knock on the door. I opened it up to find a cop standing at our doorstep.

Apparently one of our neighbour's house two door's away, had been broken into. I guess it had happened while we were away in Nottingham. The policeman wanted to know whether we had seen anyone acting suspiciously. I replied in the negative and I was shocked to learn that something like this had happened in our neighbourhood, and in fact right next door. The burglars had entered the house though the back door which had been left open. The officer took my name and contact number, not sure why.

Left me wondering whether the burglars had gone around trying the doors of different houses. They might have even tried ours as well. Quite a scary thought even though we don't have anything worth that much in our house. I am definitely going to install one of those motion detector spotlights at the back of our house asap.


harrita said...

hi.........your posts are nice.....i have added you to become your visitor...i have linked you.. and i hope you will link me.please create a back link...hopping.....

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Harrita, Glad you like my blog and thanks for the link. Please leave your blog url here. Your Blogger profile is inaccessible as well.

Ian Portch said...

Mate you need to know that a motion detector spotlight will go on and off if cats or other animals pass through your garden. People will get used to your lights going on and off. In fact you're just giving burglars an easier job as your spotlight will give them enough light to get into your house faster. I would suggest you get an alarm... most burglars will look for houses without an alarm, its less hassle.


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