Monday, June 09, 2008

MCS BBQ 2008

The Malaysian Coventry Society organised a BBQ party at Draycote Water Country Park last Saturday. We were supposed to bring some kuih-muih (snacks) but we were too lazy too cook and bought some chocolate cakes from Morrisons instead.

Being a vegetarian, there was not much I could eat but it was nice to meet up with other Malaysian families. My daughter made some new friends as well. My son was happily running around and I realised I haven't taken him out to any parks for a while. However, I had a tough time keeping him away from the BBQ fires. He was fascinated with the smoke and the sound of all the sizzling meat.

mcs bbq006

I had wanted to explore the park before going back home but the heavens opened up and we rushed back home. Maybe some other time.

Here are some pictures:

mcs bbq005

mcs bbq004

mcs bbq002


ummi said...

Wish we were there!!Miss coventry very muchhhhh!!!

Kristian Liebrand said...

It is a real nice place to visit and hang out. I like making tents in parks like this and having food out of barbecue.

Emila Yusof said...

I saw satay! yummy!

Your son is adorable!

Petite said...

Wow... that's seem so fun. I missed having picnic and I envy you ;(

harrita said... it was really fantastic to see everything inside your was fantastic and no more words to express..i want to link your blog because it was very much useful..have a link with me my friend..thank you..take care..

CRM said...

very nice photos


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