Friday, May 16, 2008

Trip to Marazion and St Michael's Mount

Marazion is said to be the oldest town in Britain and called Ictis during Roman times. Driving through the narrow roads was interesting. The sloping roads are too narrow to allow two cars to pass and cars have to give way to those coming from opposite directions at designated points. We had wanted to visit St Michael’s Mount. Unfortunately we were too late as the castle and gardens are only open till 5pm. However we were able to take some pictures of the island from the shore.

cornwall 204

cornwall 207

cornwall 211
You can apparently walk to the island during low tide using the causeway.

cornwall 214

cornwall 212

cornwall 220
The plaque says:
Landed near this spot
April 19 1902


Neo said...

Nice place indeed. Beautiful.

reise said...

Ohh.Its really a nice place.Its looking like the heaven.

ummi said...

It's very nice place. I been there before and we been able to walk to the island.

versicherung said...

I never seen any nice place like this.its really wonderful.

Bernhard said...

Here well arranged and varied posts appear again and again. I look gladly here past. Many greetings from the center of Germany!

Kristian Liebrand said...

Seems to be a nice place after hearing to the discription. I also want to visit it as I have not been there any time. Its really wonderful.

Marc Klein said...

After looking that picture i really like that place.I also want to visit it as I have not been there any time.

Liz Roberts said...

The place looks really nice from the outside, it would look even better from the inside. I also wanted to visit this place once when I am in Britain.

selena said...

Time and again I have found amazing contributions from here. Commendable blog.


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