Monday, May 05, 2008

DIY tool tips

As a budding DIY enthusiast, I am slow but steadily building up my collection of tools. One mistake I made in the past was going for the cheapest in the market. I now realise that I should have gone for the branded tools.

A good example are the cheap screw drivers I bought sometime back. I got blisters using them while building my shed and they are practically useless now after the heavy duty usage.

I also found out that branded names are not necessarily costly and that it's possible to get them at rock bottom prices during discount sales. I am now always on the lookout for some good deals on the net.

Besides the normal tools, like hammers, screwdrivers, drills, etc., another essential piece of equipment that every DIYer must have is a workbench. It must be robust, durable and adjustable. I found a good bargain for the Black and Decker Workmate WM825 on the on site.

At only £54.99, this is among the lowest prices for this great work bench. Easy to use and hight adjustable, it folds away when it's not in use. Would definitely love to have one.


Polina said...

Work bench is just great, especially if it is collapsible (I don't have too much free space in my flat and can't afford having a stationary one), i believe my hubby would love it and find it useful! Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Last year I bought the work bench for 10 pounds from tesco, I was very lucky, the next day, none is left.


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