Thursday, May 08, 2008

Busy and tiring day

It was a bright and sunny day today yesterday (just realised that it's 12:25 am). Decide to write one post before I go to bed. Here's a snap shot of a day in my life:

Sent of the kids to the nursery in the morning. My son fell down right in front of the entrance and cut his lips. few tears. Nothing serious though and he was OK after a few minutes.

Took my in-laws to the University of Warwick campus. Took some photographs. Left after having a cup of coffee at the Viva cafe. Forgot to bring my camera and took pictures with my Skypephone.

The ducks are enjoying the sun as well.

Dropped by the B & Q at Avis park and bought some blinds. It's now my favourite DIY store.

My mother-in-law wanted to buy a shoe and I took them to a shoe warehouse near my house. Spent quite sometime there.

Mowed the lawns in front and back of the house. Really tiring work. Covered in sweat.

Trimmed the hedges.

Picked up the kids.

Fixed the main blinds to the bay window in the living room with the help of my father -in-law.

Picked up the wife from the University.

Fixed the two smaller blinds on either side of the main one. Much faster this time.

Now I am dozing off as I write this. And that was my day.


Chizmosa said...

Wow.. what a very busy day ;0 I like the photo of the ducks under a tree.

See you around.

rani said...

wow, so sunny hah!! I'm looking forward to coming to London this month. tagging along with hubby as usual. wanna anything from malaysia?

fahrrad said...

I like your snap shot that the ducks are enjoying the sun as well.You are a nice photographer.

chics said...

I like the ducks although it took me few seconds to figure out what they are.
I was hoping they woulds turned out to be skunks though :P

mark said...

Sounds like a busy day!! I am interested in that skypephone you have. Be sure to let us know how the service is and how the phone works!


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