Monday, May 19, 2008

African daisies and dahlias

Took my mother-in-law and the kids to the Furnace End car boot yesterday morning. My daughter obviously enjoyed herself on the bouncy castle and the merry-go-round.

Saw these African daisies on sale and got three plants for £2/. Hopefully they will later look as good as the pictures of the flowers I look in Cornwall.

african daisies

My mother-in-law liked these miniature dahlias and bought two of them as well.


Took the pictures yesterday evening. I had wanted to post them up as part of "Green Thumb Sunday" but couldn't as I slept early yesterday.


neomesuff said...

such a beauty...

laling said...

Wow This post I love so much it's remind me about my YTT, The most fragrance flower at night with scientific name "Brunsfelsia calycina"

Then I express my thankful to your last visit on my blog a moment ago.This is my turn to revisit yours.

Happy blogging ah ok lah from Birmingham :D

Marc Klein said...

The pics are very nice and beautiful. Going about with the family makes a lot of difference as we enjoy a lot. THhis would be a pleasure trip.

Luca Govoni said...

That’s flowers are so beautiful I never seen that’s kind of flower. Smell of flower are so nice.


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