Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dinner at My China, Coventry

Last Sunday evening both my wife and I were feeling too lazy to cook and we decided to eat out instead. We went to our favourite Chinese restaurant - my China at Priroy Place, Coventry City Centre.

This was our second visit to the establishment. Charles Lim the friendly proprietor is originally from Malaysia (the World seems like a small place).

They have such a extensive list of food on their menu , it's quite hard to choose. We finally decided upon Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls (starters), Malaysian Style Fried Ho Fun, Egg Noodles and Vegetarian 'Ma Po' Tofu with rice. As usual we had Chinese Tea to go along with the food.

Here are some pics. Sorry they aren't that clear as they were taken using my Skypephone and the light was quite dim inside.

Egg Noodles

Malaysian Style Fried Ho Fun

Vegetarian 'Ma Po' Tofu

Rahil trying out chop sticks for the first time and somehow she managed.

Our son refused to get off the stroller and slept through the whole dinner. He only woke up when we got home.

The food was great and reasonably priced. Would definitely be going there again.


chics said...

ohh those food look so yummy!!

neomesuff said...

nyum nyum nyum..looks fresh

Nazri Awang said...

bro, my china ni halal ke eh?

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

The restaurant is no longer in business. The owner is orginally from Malaysia and wanted to attract Malay customers. They used Halal beef and chicken.
On the other hand, like most food outlets here in the UK, they did serve liquor and had pork in their menu. So we just said Bismillah and tuck in ;-)


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