Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stealing from Charity

My wife was working late today and I went to pick here up from the campus in the evening. On the way back she wanted to drop by the Tesco nearby and grab a few things. Fortunately I was able to find parking right in front of the store.

Anyway, while I was waited for her in the car, I noticed a suspicious looking fellow in the shadows near a charity shop. There are a couple of charity shops in the vicinity but the one near the Tesco store was a PDSA store.

The guy looked suspicious because he was hanging in the shadows and was looking left and right all the time. Suddenly a small car pulled up right in front. In one fast move the guy quickly grabbed a big plastic bag filled with stuff left by charitable people in front of the shop, jumped into the car and it quickly drove away.

There are a lot of charitable people around and they usually take their used as well as unwanted stuff and leave them outside the charity shops.

Sometime back there was a documentary on TV about some people who go around in a van pinching bags left outside residential homes meant for various charities. I know they are unwanted stuff but it's not right to pinch the stuff as they were meant for the charities. It's totally wrong.

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