Thursday, February 14, 2008

The British too wants to probe the moon

A few weeks back I wrote that 'India plans to probe the moon'. Today I read that the British too are planning to send an astronaut to space and probably send probes to the Moon as well. These were some of the proposals in the The British National Space Centre (BNSC) document, "The UK Civil Space Strategy: 2008 - 2012 and beyond".

This means that the Thatcher Government's decision in 1986, to stop space exploration will be reviewed.

Helen Sharman (from the BBC site)

I initially assumed that Britain was the only developed nation that doesn't have an astronaut. However, I was wrong and later found out that Helen Sharman was the first Brit in space. She was part of Project Juno, which was funded by the Soviet Union and a few British companies.


neomesuff said...

eh...y initially thew stopped space exploration? sounds odd frm a develop nation...

Expat said...

I read this also in newspaper. i think they took a right decision. Thanks for sharing this. Keep posting.


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