Saturday, January 05, 2008

Save money on office supplies

All the time I get queries from a lot of people asking me how it feels to be a student again. It exciting but to tell the truth, it's much harder now. I guess my brains are not that sharp any more and it's hard to sit down and listen to lectures for hours. I need to take a break every half an hour or so with loads of coffee.

Money is another important issue that always comes up for people like us who left their full-time jobs to study again. More so if you have a family. Even with a scholarship, we try to stretch every penny we have.

After getting free office supplies for years, it's a shock when you realise that stuff like notebooks, pens, printer ink are not exactly cheap. Looking for discount office supplies, I came across the website. This site lists hundreds of discount coupons, coupon codes and promotions from leading stores that sell office supplies, computers, office furniture and a range of products and services. The merchants listed including among others, Office Depot, Vistaprint, etc.

I recently bought a Dell PC after my old computer crashed. I wish I had come to the site earlier because they have all the latest coupon codes from Dell here. I guess this site will appeal not only to students but business owners as well. Do check out the site if you are looking to save some money.


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