Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bad start to the year

The New Year is not going well for me. First of all my old computer crashed. Several attempts to restart the computer failed and I had to reformat the hard disk followed by an installation of WIndows XP. Only thing I forgot was that Windows doesn't allow installation of XP on two different computers even though I had the original CD. Worse, I can't get in touch with the guy I bought the computer from.

On Thursday morning, I was on the way back home after seeing of my friends Kryzul, Hardy and Zaza. Was on the A46 when I suddenly heard a loud noise from my exhaust followed by a clanging, thumping sound. Quickly pulled over and discovered that my car silencer (muffler) had come off the exhaust pipe and was just hanging on literally by the thread. I pulled it off, put it in the boot and drove to my favourite workshop.

Yesterday, I learnt that one of my best friends - my old school mate, had passed away last month. I am still coming to terms with the news.

Just praying that it doesn't get worse than this.

Like always I am looking at the bright side. Like how it better the computer crashed now and not later when I might really need it and the fact that I had backed up all the important stuff including my assignment which is due on Monday. I just bought myself a new Dell PC online - I am calling it the PayPerPost PC.

The workshop also did a great job with the car and they only charged me £15 pound for welding the silencer back. Plus he promised that he would help me with my MOT which is coming up soon as well.

The only thing is that I cannot see any bright side on my friend's passing away. Can only hope that he's in a better place and pray that he rests in peace.

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VIJAY said...

its good to see that you are seeing a brighter side rather than cursing the chain of events. Even I had a few ups and downs but i managed to get through it. Hope this year turns out to be a good normal year without much lows.


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