Thursday, December 20, 2007

What most males dread

My fate one day

Apart from impotence, I think the other thing that most males dread is the upward creep of their hairline as they get older. Some men lose it later, others much earlier. There are various reasons we lose our hair including medical conditions as well as bad diet and stress. However, the main reason appears to be androgenetic, also known as male-pattern baldness, caused by hormones called androgens and genetics.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't concerned as well. It's in my blood. A guest who was invited to one of our family reunions remarked that most of the men in our family - from grandfather, to uncles and sons, looked similar. I pointed out that it probably might be their shiny heads. Some had even shaved it to a fashionable bald look. Even though I still have a thick tuft of hair in place, I know it will be gone one day or the other.

Anyway, it's kind of comforting as I look around my classroom to find out that I am actually doing quite well in that area as compared to some of my colleagues. I guess a PhD does that to people. The topic did come up once in a while and the issue of treatment was often discussed. It was clear that some had even tried various potions and so called miracle drugs without any success. I guess we sort of agreed that hair transplant might be a more effective solution.

Is there any hope?

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Blood Pressure - Under or Over said...

Pah - hair loss is the least of many mens worries - what about high blood pressure - it affects one in three adults and is the number one cause of stroke and heart attack


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