Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday morning blues

Or should I say red?

Woke up this morning to find this...

(that's frost on the windows)

Like a lot of people in the UK, we usually park our car by the pavement or the sidewalk, as it is known in the US. Well, someone broke the side view mirror on the left of our car.

Must be one of those B"£$%^& kids on the way to school.

Later went to my favourite garage here in Coventry - Taxi & car repairs on Stony Stanton road. Isfaq, the owner of the garage, fixed it for free. Thanks a lot.


VIJAY said...

Hope it doesn't repeat again

sullan said...

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*lynne* said...

u got it fixed for free? kinda makes up for the idiotic act in the first place, eh? That's the drawback of parking on the street... glad over here the apartment has its own private parking area!

neomesuff said...

Aduish!..Look at the bright side..its only the side mirror...

Károly Domonyi said...


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N.C.Yathindran said...

Hello Adam you have added me as Yathindran.I have now shifted to Please make the necessary changes.Thanks for dropping by quite often. said...

Ah dear sorry to hear this.
last month some one broke mine too.
thanks for the post

BabyPink said...

tsk, tsk. but, it's a good thing that you had it fixed for free.:)

belated happy eid!:)


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