Saturday, December 22, 2007

Health insurance from BUPA

Like a new comers to the UK, we had the misconception that health care is totally free in the UK. It isn't. Sometimes you may find that you want to go to private specialists and the costs can be prohibitive. I am not saying that the service provided by the NHS is bad, it's just that you may want more exclusive treatment rather that those offered by your GP and if you have problem, do not want to be in queue and wait for months to get an appointment in the local hospital.

That's one of the main reasons that you may want to take out Health insurance here in the UK. BUPA is a global health and care organisation that has been operating for over half a century. They are one of UK's leading provider of private health care insurance and health care services. There are many other companies out there offering cheap health insurance but most of these are "one size fits all" deals that may not be a very good idea as different people have different needs and requirements. Obtain a free health insurance quote by contacting them today. You can choose from five different levels of health insurance cover.

Do check out their Health factsheet which has info on almost every medical condition.

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