Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wifi with BT Total Broadband

Our broadband contract with AOL ends this month and we are seriously thinking of moving to another service provider. Even though I have had no problems with my present service, broadband speed is a priority for me.

After doing a bit of research I discovered that BT broadband provides the fastest broadband speeds in the UK. The most attractive package is their Option 3 package. This package offers up to 8Mb download speed with unlimited downloads, 5GB FREE secure online storage with BT Digital Vault. It also comes with the wireless BT Home Hub and Hub Phone so that you can easily set up a wi-fi network in your home.

I already have a wifi broadband network set up in my house so that I can even use my laptop in the garden. However, the threat of intruders do worry me a bit. This is why the BT Home Hub is quite attractive to me. This next generation wireless router has an built-in firewall that blocks viruses and unwanted intruders and even updates itself automatically.

With all these features I am seriously considering changing to BT's Option 3 deal.


kljs said...

You can just set up your Wifi WEP to only connect to a max of 2 IP's. or something like that..... that way, unless the person is a hacker, he/she/it won't be able to steal your Wifi connection.... ;)

N.C.Yathindran said...

You guys are really lucky.In india wifi has not been made available for home usage

N.C.Yathindran said...

Hey dude i have added you as my pal.Will you blogroll me???

Anonymous said...

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