Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why do you need a Swiss army knife for?

While driving back home from the University I suddenly remembered that Go Outdoors was having a sale and I decided to drop by their store. I just wanted to survey the prices but as it normally happens, you see something you like and end up buying something.

I was just browsing through the place when I noticed the pen knife and multi tool section. I have always wanted a multi-tool ever since I lost my small pen knife when I was a kid. Anyway, I really liked the Leatherman multi-tools but they were way over my budget. I finally found a multi-tool that I liked and quite affordable as well - the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Climber 1.370330. Unlike the normal ones that have red handles, mine is black. The Climber has a total of 12 basic functions including scissors and a multi-purpose hook.

The retail price is £20 but I got it for £16 after discount.

When I got back home, I showed it off to my wife who didn't look impressed. "So! What are you going to use it for?", she asked.

I replied that can use it when we go camping and stuff but I guessed what was coming next. "When are we going camping?"

Now, I am going to have to leave it in the car because I don't want to risk my kids playing with it and cutting themselves.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I've never met anyone who doesn't know how to use Swiss Army knife.

So sorry.

kljs said...

I have been taking my Swiss Army Knife since my schooling days as a scout. Now, my Swiss Army Knife follows me everywhere. 1. As a protection weapon. 2. a keychain. 3. Utility tool.

Adam Mutum said...

Of course she knows how to use it.

I think you didn't get what she was trying to tell me. What she meant was "Do we really need it?"

laling said...

Hi..Laling ni. :D
Sebelum tu nak ucapkan Terima kasih banyak kat awak kerana sudi jenjalan kat blog laling..

Oh ye nak tanya? jsut tu ape?


lucia said...

i have not heard of leatherman brand but i have heard of victorinox.

i carry a swiss army knife with me all the while. this is my 3rd SAK already! the first one had quite a lot of tools - more than 20 i think and i find it too heavy. so when i came across one that was given free to our office after buying a copier, i used it instead. it's about the same one that you just bought, adam. i also had a free one from the star!

last month when i was in langkawi i saw some unbranded SAK which cost only RM10.00 (about 15 tools).

why i need a SAK? one of those just in case thingy.....

Adam Mutum said...

Hi Laling,
Thanks for dropping by my blog and also for pointing out my spelling mistake.

Adam Mutum said...

Lucia: Original Swiss army knives are either Victorinox or Wenger (also owned by Victorinox). But I guess the term SAK has become generic now.

Leatherman's multi-tools are much bigger (and costlier) and have a pair of pliers along with other tools stored in the handles.

USA Turtle said...

It is good to be safe. Thanks for sharing.


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