Saturday, November 17, 2007

Moving to WordPress

At present all my blogs are hosted with Blogger. I am quite happy with that but I would be lying if I told you that I haven't been tempted to move to WordPress and hosted somewhere else. One of my friends was describing the various bells and whistles on his WordPress powered blog including the various plugins support by this blog publishing system, the ability to block IP addresses of people I don't like and of course the huge number of themes available on the web.

A lot of people told me that if I consider myself a serious blogger, then I should move from Blogger and get myself a unique domain name and host my blog somewhere. In the past I did survey around a bit but good hosting companies that supported WordPress were charging quite a lot. However, today I realise that there are a number of reliable and reasonably priced blog hosts around. Ltd is one affordable WordPress webhosting company that I recently came across. Their prices start from $35.95 per year for 200Mb space and 2000Mb of bandwidth per month. For those who are new to WordPress, do check out their list of useful WordPress resources on the web - from codex, themes and plugins to discussion forums.

Right now they are offering all new customers who order WordPress hosting a free upgrade - double storage space and bandwidth.


kljs said...

So, are you moving to Wordpress?

It is really a good idea to move to wordpress as you get more functionality and features and other stuff that doesn't offer. Since I moved from blogger, I in my own opinion, felt refreshed as there is so many stuff that I can do with Wordpress. It makes me want to challenge it and it also is fun to work with.

Adam Mutum said...

I think I will retain this blog with Blogger and start another blog powered by WordPress. I have a few domain names lying idle at the moment.

lucia said...

yeah adam, you should start using wordpress.

so wordpress is now offering hosting? i wonder do they offer good support? you know me lah, non techie savvy so support to me is very important.

Adam Mutum said...

No Lucia. I am referring to a company that specialises in WordPress hosting. As far as I know, unlike Blogger, Wordpress does not offer hosting services if you have your own domain.

azwanhadzree said...

is that in usd or pound? there r malaysian sites where u can get cheaper, like exabytes, namsahaz or netkl.

Adam Mutum said...

Azwan: Oops. Thanks for pointing that out. That's in US$.


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