Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cabbage and caterpillars

Haven't been posting any pictures for Green Thumb Sunday. The reason is that I don't have any new plants in my garden. Not really sure whether this is suitable but posting it up anyway.

Anyway, I have this huge cabbage in my garden:

One day I noticed that it had like hundreds of small caterpillars everywhere. My first thought was to kill them all but I changed my mind. I decided to leave them alone and see whether they turn to butterflies. My wife says I am crazy.

Well it's been about a month now and they haven't turned to butterflies yet but they are really huge now.



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kljs said...

are you sure they are butterfly caterpillars?

dorischua said...

that was a nice cabbage but... looks like the caterpillars had a good feast! Hey, you got green fingers - so jealous! :P

lillianq said...

:-) brave of you to put that on.... not exactly a show off post for a ''green thumb'' lol

Anonymous said...

We planted some cabbages and broccoli some months back and they were growing beautifully until the invasion of the caterpillars and our hopes to have some home-grown cabbages were shattered. They now look exactly like the pictures you have posted but it seems like you have been pretty good about the whole thing. My first reaction was to kill all the caterpillars and than I thought since we are not going to eat the cabbages anymore, might as well let them enjoy it. But very disappointing, we have killed pretty much everything we have planted- either by sheer ignorance or negligence!Hopefully baba will be able to work his magic when he visits.....Jules

Andreas said...

Not being of a green thumb, this is a really wild looking cabbage ... it's nice of you to let the caterpillars have it - maybe the butterflies will come out and that would be a picture I would like to see!


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