Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hari Raya open house pics

We had an 'open house' - a Malaysian tradition, on the 13th Saturday. We planned to have it from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm but somehow it got extended by a around 2 hours as some of our friends were only able to visit later.

Here are some pics:

Our second Raya in the UK


Serunding (squarish plate), Chicken Rendang (yellow bowl), Lamb Rogan, Dhal Curry, Saffron Rice, Pulut Kuning & Nasi Impit (on the silver oval plate), and some different varieties of raya cookies.

Most of the dishes were prepared by my wife. The cookies and serunding were gifts from my in-laws in Malaysia (came by Fedex). The nasi impit was prepared by Nana's family. I only made the Dhal.

Cadbury Cocoa pudding


Rahil and friend






Thanks to everyone who visited our house. Special mention to Nana, Mozard and Family and Min who helped out.


lucia said...

ah so finally get to see your picture. glad to see that you enjoyed your raya with family and friends. (hope you did receive my raya greeting via facebook)

Mei said...

Selamat Hari Raya Adam (a bit belated). Too busy gobbling up the rendang that I forgot about reading blog...lol.

Adam Mutum said...

Hi Lucia. I did. Thanks.

Thanks for dropping by Mei.

Adam Mutum said...

Hi Lucia. I did. Thanks.

Thanks for dropping by Mei.

neomesuff said...

Wahh..your raya so very happening!

Glad twas joyous..

Michael said...

The food looks interesting and delicious, that Cadbury pudding looks awesome.

Sriram said...

You have a very good blog.Can we blogroll each other?

BabyPink said...

it makes me happy to see pictures like this. family and friends having fun on eid.:)

pet supply and accessory said...

WOW! nice pics! The food looks so tasty and delicious.


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