Monday, October 29, 2007

Getting rid of termites

A few weeks back, my in-laws had called. They have had a termite problem for quite sometime now and they had thought that it was under control. Unfortunately, they were wrong. My wife's room in their house had been left unoccupied and they discovered that the termites has taken over. They had eaten through the Ikea bed, a wardrobe and most of our books and clothes inside it.

My in-laws have invested quite a bit in the last few years to get rid of the termite infestation, as well as to repair the damages. However, recently the termites return, most probably from the neighboring houses. It seems that the whole area is infested by this pest. If you have a similar problem,do visit the Termite Guide. There are loads of information on termites, including the signs of infestation as well as ways to getting rid of these pests on the Termite guide.

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