Sunday, September 02, 2007

My herbal garden

When I was starting my garden, I decided that I will have plants that not only look good but lot of edible ones as well.

I have drawn up a list of medicinal and aromatic plants that I want to have in my garden. So far, I have spearmint (Mentha spicata), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), parsley (Petroselinum crispum), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and basil (Ocimum basilicum).


My tomatoes are doing really well and it looks like I won't be buying any for quite sometime.
cherry tomatoes01

It looks like 'green fingers' does run in the family.

BTW, this is my Green Thumb Sunday post.
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maiylah said...

that's a lovely garden! really love those tomatoes ... so many. :)

No Rain said...

I love aromatic plants and also try to plant as many as I can. The tomato photo is gorgeous!
Happy GTS,

Moe said...

The tomatoes look delicious! My wife wants to plant herbs like you have in your first few pictures. Can't wait!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

i reallly envy you! i cant even grow basil on my kitchen window! tell ez that those lavender are edible! i'm gonna bake some lavender cookies and muffins!!


Adam Mutum said...

Thanks for all your comments guys. More tomato photoes to come
Zaza: I would love to have a recipe of the lavender cookies.

Zul said...

Save your tesco time, and money

Crystal clear Waters said...

Thats So Wonderful.. I Love Gardening and a Herbal Garden .. Its too Good ..I 'm planning to grow some flowers and plants myself.Tomatoes look lovely ..n d green plants . I used to plant in some pots and I was so cheerful when d flowers start blooming Marigolds , n many more .I look d happiest .. Rite now U must b feeling d same .. I would love to start very soon a herbal Garden ..

syam said...

ah, it's ok lah... Pastilah senang sekali rasanya punya kebun...

neomesuff said...

wooo... i love herbs!! but i dont have the green hand.. aiyaaa..wish i have enuff soil ( ecehs..excuses )
eh how r u n family over has been a while i've not blogrolling

dorischua said...

Hey - I'm envious! I can never grow those Lavender til I move to down under. I tried smuggling once to MY but it died after 3 months :(

dorischua said...

I did mine too:)

sweetspirits said...

:) Wow that looks like a wonderful garden . I'm afraid to try grow n e vegies , my thumb isn't green .
I've opted for a pebble stone garden no plants :( . actually i was really sick for serveral weeks and all my plants died .Unfortunatly i couldn't do much at all and was on bed rest for weeks.
Maybe in a few weeks i'l be able to garden :) .

Adam Mutum said...

Thanks Sweetspirits. It did take me a lot of effort in the beginning but now all I do is a bit of weeding and watering the plants. Do post up some pics when you start your garden.

cinema bioskop said...

You have nice hobby in gardening.
And you have success to grow plants.

all you plants are organic ? how much space is your garden ?


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