Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mei's wire jewelry addiction

Mei is a mother of two boys, from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. She blogs at "Wire Bliss: Handcrafted Wire Wrapped Jewelry".

I remember when she used to have a generic Blogger template but has now changed to a 3 column template. It definitely looks more unique. However the ads that come just before the posts were a bit too distracting. There are ads inside the post as well and having too many ads may turn off some visitors.

Her handcrafted wire jewelry are amazing. Mei calls it her addiction and they really are works of art.

Besides the end products, short tutorials showing how she made the jewelery would definitely attract more visitors to her site.

If you love jewelery, you will love Mei's blog.


Mei said...

Thank you for your review Adam. I like it except for the photo. Didn't expect you to post the photo. If I know, i would have change that..LOL.
Anyway,I agree with you on the ads. Been planning to remove those in the post body and move it down to the bottom, but I keep on postponing.

talkingidiot said...

ads can really be distracting.. you have a very clean site. i like the theme.

Adam Mutum said...

Hi Mei. You are welcome. I removed the photo but you are welcome to send me one you like.

Talking idiot: Thanks.

Mei said...

How about posting one of my jewelry piece in your post. Thanks in advance :)

keeyit said...

I went to mei's blog before. The jewelry are so nice.

Mei said...

Thanks Adam, pearl has always been my favorite. I think it is perfect that you chose this picture.

Thank you for visiting Keeyit.

Adam Mutum said...

You are welcome Mei.

NAFASG said...

Good review, Adam. Visited Mei's blog..very nice..

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I have also bought some of nice piece of pearl jewelery from CouponAlbum site and I like the review of Adam.


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