Monday, September 10, 2007

Kopi Luwak

In case you didn't know, the logo of Sun's Java programming language is a steaming coffee cup. In the US, Java is a slang for coffee. Java is also the name of an Island in indonesia, where it's capital city, Jakarta is situated and they do produce a lot of coffee there.

Of the coffee produced there, the most famous happens to the "Kopi Luwak" known as Civet coffee in English. It is the most expensive coffee in the world, selling for between $120 and $600 per pound.

So, what's so special about this coffee?

Well, it is extracted from the coffee berries that have been eaten by the the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). The excreted partially-digested beans are then harvested and processed for sale. Read how it gets it's unique taste in New Research Explains Structure, Taste of Kopi Luwak Coffee.

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