Wednesday, September 19, 2007

False alarm

I was engrossed in my web designing work today when a loud alarm went off at the office. I saw every one getting their jackets and leaving the office and guessed that it was the fire alarm. So I followed the rest down the stairs and went outside. It was quite cool and nobody was panicking. The building is only 3 stories high anyway.

We were given the green light to go in after a while. The funny thing is that as I was about to enter the office, the alarm suddenly went off again. The security people told us that it was something setting off the alarms. Must have been some stupid guy who tried smoking in the toilets.


David Chen(ITSkyline Blog) said...

LOL, must be some jack ass! My office building is smoking free and so are most of the Chicagoland office buildings and skyscrapers. No one likes having false alarms all day cause some jerk try to smoke in bathroom or private area in the building. The fine here is quite steep, so it is very effective here!

BabyPink said...

wow! good thing nobody panicked! hehehe:)

ramadhan kareem, brother adam!:)


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