Thursday, September 20, 2007

Charlotte Cosmetic Dentist

A dentist who is also into amateur photography- sounds strange. Well, Dr. Tom Farley, is a dentist who uses his hobby to document his dental work. The photographs have proven useful to visually communicate with patients, labs, insurance providers as well as his peers.

Dr. Farley is a qualified cosmetic dentist who resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. His clinic offers a full range of dental services from restorative to periodontics to whitening. In case you are wondering, his portrait studio is situated right in his office.

I later found out that he's a blogger as well. check out his blog here.


BabyPink said...

at first, i thought i was in the wrong blog as the first thing that appeared when i opened your blog was the picture. hehehe:)

interesting, that dentist. this entry reminded me that i need to go see my dentist. hmm, after ramadhan perhaps.;)

Adam Mutum said...

He has a rather Toothy smile. he he he.

Anonymous said...
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