Sunday, August 26, 2007

Surf the Internet anonymously

You might be surprised at some of the information your IP address reveals about you. In case you are not aware, the way the whole Internet works is based on IP or Internet Protocol. Without going into the technical details, an IP address is a unique identifier that allows your computer to communicate with others. For example, when you leave a comment on a blog, your IP address is visible (at least to the blog owner).

Using a few freely available tools on the web, it is very easy to instantly trace back to your Internet service provider (ISP). You must also remember that when you signed up for an internet connection, you provided your address to the ISP. Of course, ISPs do not go around giving everybody your personal details but under certain circumstances, they will. It's scary.

Theoretically, by looking at your surfing patterns and the way you behave and express yourself on the net, people can actually profile you.

If you are concerned about Internet privacy, you may be interested to learn that you can hide IP address. The Hide My IP Address software ( does exactly that by using a specially-modified browser, based on Firefox. They are able to do this by automatically re routing all of your Internet traffic through at least TWO ultra-secure, ultra-fast and anonymous Tor network servers for total privacy. Go over to the site for more details.

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