Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The story of Harry McFry

Harry McFry is a genealogical detective (someone who researches Family trees) who lives on the outskirts of Barrington, New Hampshire.

Actually, he's an imaginary character created by Thomas Hamburger Jnr. Follow the adventures of Harry in his blog 'Harry McFly investigates: The case of the missing family'.

I like the fact that instead of using a generic Blogger template, he has customized his blog using a 3 column template. I don't see any ads apart from link to titles on This indicates that writing is obviously something that he's passionate about. Drawings to go with each chapter would make this blog even better.

As someone who''s really into genealogy, I really like the story. It is now 130 chapters long. The first post comprising of 4 chapters was started back in January this year and starts when Harry receives a call from a mysterious lady... Go to the blog to find out what happens next.

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Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

Thanks so much for your review! Much appreciated: keep up the good work, la!


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