Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sing your troubles away

If anyone told you that the had no problems in their life, they are either lying or there's something wrong with them. Of course it varies from person to person. While some have really big problems, others on the other hand only have some quite minor one. The fact is totally free from problems.

Is that too philosophical?

Anyway, I was going through the directory, and realise that my problems might not be a big deal after all, looking at what some people have to go through. This directory gives solutions to common problems that people go through everyday.

I guess my problem comes under employment. And I even wrote a song about it:
Walking down the road,
searching for a job.
degrees coming out of my ears,
doesn't mean a thing.

It's terrible, I know. If you feel that you are more talented, check out’s Video Promotion. Put your pain into music, create a commercial for them and share it with the World on YouTube and you stand a chance to earn US$5,000.00 as a cash prize.

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