Friday, August 17, 2007

My old phone line has been taken back

This is to inform all my friends who have been unsuccessfully trying to contact me using my old Celcom number, that it has been cancelled.

I was using their Xpax prepaid line and I had activated the global roaming service before I left Malaysia. The reason I retained it was because our Maybank TAC pin numbers were sent to it.

One day I noticed that my phone was showing a "SIM not found" warning. I realized that I had forgotten to top up the airtime and asked my dad to help put some airtime in. My father put in RM30 but the SIM was still deactivated.

Check the validity periods as given below:

This means that even if you don't use a single sen, you still have to top up when the validity period ends.

Wrote an email to the Celcom careline but didn't receive any reply. I only found out that they had canceled my number after my dad went to their local office in Kota Bahru and inquired. I know it's my fault but am annoyed and sad as well because I have had that number for nearly 6 years now and the fact that there was still more than RM100 credit.

I learnt that they recycle old numbers, which means that the number is back in the market and someone is probably using it now. So don't be surprised if you get a "Hello! Is this Adam?" on your phone. It means that you got my old number.

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