Sunday, August 26, 2007

My garden this week

This is my Green Thumb Sunday post for this week. My garden is really doing well and I am happy that my effort has come to fruit.

Harvested some more potatoes, the day before yesterday. Got a small bucket full of them. There are a few more plants but they are not ready yet.


We also tasted the first tomatoes from my garden. My daughter loves the small cherry size ones. They are really tasty.


I have this huge cabbage growing in my plant (at least according to the guy who sold me the seedlings). However, the leaves don't form the usual compact cluster. Not really sure what variety it is. I tried it in a soup and it tastes just like any normal cabbage.

And here are some flowers:



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Jean said...

Welcome to GTS! Looks like everything is growing well for you. Great photos!

No Rain said...

Beautiful rose. I love the color. Also, the info on the IP address availability was interesting. I'm going to check out the software. Thanks.

keeyit said...

Wa.. i like the tomatoes...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

wow!! everything's growing really well!! well done adam! and the picture of rahil holding those tomatoes are really beautiful1


Adam said...

Jean: Thanks. The garden is really fertile because it had been left wild for quite sometime.
No rain: You are welcome.
Keeyit: They taste lovely. I don't want to buy any from the supermarket anymore.
Zaza: Thanks.

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

You garden is great.
I love the color of that rose.

Adam Mutum said...

Chigy: Thanks for dropping by my blog.
The rose in my garden is from a bouquet I gave my wife this valentines. I just cut a few stems and stuck them into the soil. This was the only one that survived.

gmttzy said...

visiting & reading...


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