Friday, August 03, 2007

The kids loving the pool

It has been a great week - bright and sunny. We had bought an inflatable pool from a car boot sale sometime back and never had the chance to use it. Finally got the chance.

It turned out to be much bigger that I thought it would be. It didn't take that long to inflate the pool using the electric pump. However, it did take much longer to fill it up - almost an hour.

My son is turning into an aquatic animal and refuses to come out of the pool. I have to literally force him out it screaming and kicking. I guess it's a wonderful experience for him.


quinnylover said...

Hi guys, I am very sorry for this intrusion. But it is getting desperate.

one of my batchmate back in school has gone missing. He is suffering from a mental ailment and his family is desperately trying to find him. time is the essence here.

hope you can do an entry about this in your blog/fotopage/website.

this is the blog I created about finding Salhi:

Please forward it around also. Thank you very very much

NafaSg said...

hi adam thanks for the wonderful comment and the add. I have added your link too at my blog.

NAFA is from Singapore, therefore should be NAFA(SG) not (MY) =)

Thanks again adam. See ya around.

Have a nice day and keep up the great work here.

Looking forward to more of your professional review.


Adam Mutum said...

Quinnylover: Sorry to hear about that. Hope they find him.

Nafasg: Oops sorry. Corrected it.

NAFASG said...

Thanks Adam.

Have a nice day =)



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