Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Job search update August

I went for an interview yesterday (the second one since I moved to Coventry). It went off quite well. At least I think I did. However, I don't really know as I thought that my previous interview went off really great as well. No! I didn't get that job.

Coming back to the interview. It was an interesting experience because it was the first one where I had to take a practical test to test my skills before the actual interview. I was really nervous and hope I did OK.

So my job hunt is in full swing. I have been applying for all kinds of jobs - left, right and centre and am not even restricting myself to managerial or supervisory positions anymore.

Last Thursday, read this ad in the newspaper saying that IKEA was looking for customer service, checkouts, sales, food services and warehouse staff. So I drove to the IKEA Recruitment Centre at Saturn Facilities, Lockhurst Lane. There was no one manning their counter when I got there. The receptionist for Saturn Facilities there, asked me whether I had brought along my CV. I had rushed there without thinking and so I went back home, printed my CV and came back again. I dropped it off with the same receptionist.

So far no reply from them.

On Friday, I also dropped by the Adecco office in the City Centre. They are supposed to be UK's largest recruitment agency and if anyone can help me get a job, it's them.

Here's their address: 12-16 Trinity Street, Coventry, CV1 1FL. Tel:024 7655 9655, Fax:024 7625 1699.

Kylie, the lady who talked to me was really helpful and asked me to email her my CV. She asked me to send her two versions - a detailed one and another scaled down version. I am still waiting for a reply from her as well. So you can see that I am waiting for a lot people to get back to me.

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