Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Happy Planet Index on a map

Found this interesting page on the University of Leicester website. Titled "A Global Projection of Subjective Well-being: A Challenge to Positive Psychology?", it shows the global projection of subjective well being (SWB).

It was based on the Data on SWLS from The Happy Planet Index, a study by Marks, N., Abdallah, S., Simms and A, Thompson, S. (2006). London: New Economics Foundation.

According to their findings, the countries with the top three Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS) scores are: 1. Denmark, 2. Switzerland and 3. Austria.

Malaysia comes at 17, even higher than the US, which is at 23; Australia (26) and UK (41). Does that mean that Malaysians are a happy lot?

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David Chen said...

Cool, I am not surprise that USA is on High SWB considering all the things that it needs to worry! Well, maybe no worry isn't exactly equate to happiness? Well, at least I know that good well beings are the result of happiness as well as richness...I think this map help visualize the harmonize...or not


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