Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dutch MP calls for Quran ban

Geert Wilders, an MP in the Dutch Parliament has called for the Qur'an, the holy book of the Muslims, to be banned in the Netherlands.

It's unbelievable how he describes it as a Fascist book, comparing it to Mein Kampf, Hitler's autobiography. It is obvious that he hasn't read the book or he's been reading some anti-Muslim literature without doing any further research. He's the one that ends up sounding like a fascist here. It's not surprising because I have found out that a lot of Europeans do not understand Islam. And as they say, "what you don't understand, you are scared of".

The situation is also not helped by some extremist Muslims who use violence in the name of Islam. I wish everyone would read all the religious books including Qur'an, Bible, Vedas, etc. and they will realise that all of them promotes love, peace and harmony.

My message to Mr. Wilders: Muslims do not worship Muhammad. He is a Prophet. As a leader, you should do some background research first before making any statement.

Read the article on Aljazeera

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__earth said...

Wilders is a xenophobe. He is doing what any xenophobe would do


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