Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched

This is the big lesson I learnt today. I know I told some of you that I was in the top 5 (at 12pm EST American time). However, I later found out that the voting had continued after that and I am sorry to announce that my post iByot - the multi-tasking next generation house robot didn't make it to the top 5 on the "Blog Battle Royale" competition.

I received a total of 229 votes (6th position), which is actually a lot. However, only those in the top 5 positions will get a iRobot Roomba robot vacuum.

Thanks to all you guys who were kind enough to spare some time from your busy schedule to vote for me.

Special thanks to:
- Ramina in India who had her whole office voting for me.
- Roby in Italy, who contacted all her friends all around the World to vote for me.
- Eju who had to go to a hotel with Wifi, because the connection in her office was too slow.
- My wife who had literally the whole University of Warwick voting for me (or so she claims).

And all my family and friends in India, Malaysia, UK and all around the World, including those in Orkut, Friendster, MySpace and Facebook.

Congrats to all the iRobot First-Round Winners.


skeet said...

Well, the outcome sucks for you, much like the Roomba you won't be getting for free. Congrats on a great post and coming in near the top.

Delphine said...

this doesn't seem right, sorry to see you lost out on this one but you still have a respectable score, seems the fair thing to do would be to have you at least compete for the champion title to try and get the next postie pack.

keeyit said...

hi ah ok lah, dun be disappointed... failure is the key of success.. am I right ?

ainee said...

ala..but i think ur's is good what compared to those robots who wants to replace human role. nevermind. later perhaps.

lucia said...

oh man! you just lose out by one spot! how disappointing eh... but never mind, there's always a next time.

Adam Mutum said...

Skeet: Thanks. I enjoyed the contest.

delphine: As they say, the judge's decision is final but as Lucia says there's always a next time.

Keeyit: I agree but it's always hard to lose by a small margin.

ainee: Glad you think so.

Lucia: It's sad.

matt said...

Holy cow. An irobot vacuum cleaner? Man, I'm behind the times. This sounds like the coolest thing in the world.

Adam Mutum said...

Yeah! I don't really need it but it would have been cool to have one at home.

BeccaGirl said...

Awww, man, Adam!! I would have voted if I would have known, shoot! I've wanted one of those Irobot vacuums for a long time, myself. Please let me know if you need votes for something again, ok?????

Crystal clear Waters said...

So Bad , they changed their mind like .. that also in a voting contest ..I feel pity for them .. Its so disorganised . Better Luck next timec .. I'm sure U would come 1st and not 6th ..Hope everyone will vote 4 U to make U a True Winner .. There 's always a Next Time .. We 'r there 4 U . Keep D Faith .. Don't Lose Heart ..Till Then Keep Smiling ..

Adam Mutum said...

Beccagirl: Thanks. Actually I think PPP is coming up with another contest soon.

Crystal clear Waters: Thanks for voting. I don't think they changed their mind but rather it was a problem with the polling site which let it go on beyond the specified time.


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