Thursday, August 16, 2007

Do follow ah ok lah

After putting it off for several months, I finally updated my blog template from the old classic Blogger to the new Blogger.

Came across this free template called Adsense Tech Template by by Charm Skins. Spent several hours yesterday tweaking and modifying the template to look like my previous template and it was finally done around 2 am in the morning.

So what do you think?

One of the major advantages is that this template now allows me to remove the 'nofollow' tag from the comment module. So I am officially part of the Do follow movement. For more information, read my post "I do follow" on my SEO Expert blog.

I have also joined the "Do Follow Blogroll" that was started by my online pal, Tricia. Don't forget to leave your comments.

Please refer to the 'Do Follow Bloggers' post on Trica's blog for more information if you want to join in as well.

1 comment:

Frucomerci said...

Always nice to see antoher blogger following the "Ifollow" movement!


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