Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Designer clothing for children at ZaraBella

We do buy a lot of designer clothing for our two children, not because we are rich or want to show off but because we don't have to worry about the quality of branded clothing. Some of the stuff we bought a year ago are as good as new. I am not saying that cheaper brands are not good and we do buy a lot of stuff from Tesco and other places as well. However when we buy branded clothes, you can sure they won't shrink after washing nor will the colours run.

Talking about designer clothes for children, do visit ZaraBella.com, an online retailer of designer clothing and accessories for children and babies. They have quite an impressive selection with brands like Mimi & Maggie, Wes & Willy, Spring Street Designs, Jade Jeans, Twelve Timbers and lots more. They are a Click and mortar company with their store located in Solvang, CA (35 miles north of Santa Barbara) and was launched in 2005. ZaraBella.com, is an extension of their store.

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