Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Would you like a Hardwood Floor

Most houses over here in the UK (at least those I have gone to) have carpeted rooms. I guess it is the floor covering of choice for the majority of people here. Not surprising considering the cold winter months. However I definitely prefer a Hardwood Floor. The link gives some great tips to consider before going for hardwood flooring.

I guess it's just a matter of preference. I like to see the polished grains on the polished wood floorings and the feel as I walk barefooted. They somehow convey feeling of warmth and sophistication. They are definitely easier to clean and do not trap dust like carpets do. I was watching this home renovation program on TV and thinking to myself "what a pity", when the owner decided to carpet over the great looking wooden floor.


tihtahpah said...

when i was in overseas, i hated carpeted floors. i keep imagining all the bugs it's 'rearing' there.

Preya said...

We (okay, I watched) actually installed my sister's bamboo floor in her old house (here in the states). I agree--wooden floors just look and feel better. I hate carpeting! It gets so dirty.

Preya said...

Hi Adam,

Yes, I am moving to wordpress, but you have a long line of people who want to be reviewed, so I figured I'd be all set up by the time you got to me! I will still be at http://www.preyanka.com



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