Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Subscribe to UK magazines online

I was thinking of subscribing to some good magazines and after searching around a bit, found the best place to find the cheapest UK Magazine Subscriptions.

Comparemagazines.co.uk allows you to compare magazine subscription prices offered by different magazines' subscription providers. When I last checked they had 1062 UK magazines in their database, including Fashion magazines, Women magazines and Men magazines among others.

The subscription rates do vary between companies. For example,
Vogue magazine subscription prices are £28.50 and £31.50 respectively for one year subscription from two different companies.

You should note that the actual subscription rates may differ from those listed on the site. For example, two
Cosmopolitan magazine subscription rates are given , namely £0 and £24 on two different sites. However, the actual rates are higher. Still they were lower than the recommended retail price (RRP) on both.

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