Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Slightly Mordant reviewed

Next on the blog review list is Michael's blog - Slightly Mordant. As the title of the blog suggest, a lot of the posts are sarcastic and witty. Take the post 'Kids and guns have some sense!' - I totally agree with him when he says "Having children is a big responsibly as is owning firearms." However, not all the posts are negative - take the post 'I love my life I love my wife'. Am sure the wife was really please with that one.

The blog template is nothing to shout about - it's the generic Minima. However I think you will agree with me when I say that the Blog banner looks interesting. This is one the few non-commercial blogs, among all those that I have reviewed so far. Somehow feels refreshing to see no sponsored posts and no ads - not that I am going to revert back. Nice blog.

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Michael said...

Thanks for the review. I had a slightly tweaked template that I inadvertently messed up and switched back to the minina type template. I tend to like the simple layouts.

I have thought about ads and sponsored posts but so far feel that would take away from the enjoyment of posting for me. This could change especially as we now have our own domain and are switching to Wordpress blogs.

Saying that though, I'd rather just do what I've been doing and work on my writing. The hosting doesn't cost too much so not necessary for the blog to generate income.

But never say never.

Thanks again for the review always helps to get some good insight and opinions on your work. Some review sites just rip you a new one because they dislike something in the template.


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