Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sleeping princess

To get my daughter to sleep is quite easy, all I have to do is take her for a spin on the car and it won't be long before she dozes off.

Last Sunday afternoon, all of us went to the Pool Meadow bus station to see off Muz. His bus was going directly to Heathrow airport where he was catching a flight for Malaysia.

As we were leaving the house, my daughter made a very serious comment, "Mama, I don't think that I want to live here anymore", while shaking her head (meaning she want's to follow Muz back to Malaysia). I wanted to laugh but held myself as I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Unfortunately for my daughter, she again fell asleep and wasn't able to say bye to her favourite uncle. I say 'again' because she fell asleep when we went to pick him up too.

She was quite upset later when we got back home and found out that Muz had left, crying "I miss Ayah Muz".

We had a dinner party at our friend Lisa and Zur's place and she was quite reluctant to leave the house. Her mood improved considerably after she met some friends around her age (Lisa and Zur's kids).

At the dinner, I meet another avid photographer and blogger. Check out Mama Sarah's blog about life in the UK.

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Dad of Four said...

Poor girl of yours....She must miss home so much!


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