Monday, July 23, 2007

Rowling set to start another series

For those traumatised by the end of the extremely popular Harry Potter series, don't worry!

The latest rumour on the grapevine is that Rowling is working on yet another series of books - following the adventures of Ron and Hermione as they grow up and get married. There might be a TV series on the line as well.



Amazing Gracie said...

Thanks for stopping by - I appreciate your words of advice. I keep that blog for the blue moods!
I haven't read any of the Potter books - I must be from another planet!

Carla said...

hmm, as someone who is not finished with book 7 yet, this is sort of a spoiler. Although it doesnt say "x y or z dies", one can deduct from what you said, what is going to happen.
I'm 100 pages from the end. I just couldn't stay awake any longer last night to finish.


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